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By day I am a father of two boys, Gabe and Jacob, husband of Lyndall (and relative in ever-increasing degrees of separation to pretty much everyone that has ever lived) as well as political activist with Micah Challenge. My previous employment has included advocacy capacity building with NGOs and community groups in Nepal, campaigning & advocacy with TEAR Australia, teaching English, History, Geography & Legal Studies at Canterbury Boys High School in Sydney, counting cars, flipping burgers, and being an industrial hole punch in a newsprint mill.

I am a practising Christian. By which I mean that surely I should be vastly better at it than I actually am by now.

By night I write.

What you read here is fiction for the most part. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is almost certainly intentional, but I’m hardly likely to admit it in any particular instance.

Most of the writing categories are self-explanatory. But a quick word about the short pieces gathered under the category Today. Each day, I take a wikipedia entry of something that happened on that day in history – a birth, a death, a historical incident – and riff off it. The resulting piece of writing may well reflect the contents of my brain more than the actual historical event, but there you are.


Ben Thurley


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