Message #3: Soul stealing

Many so-called primitive peoples refused to have their photograph taken, believing, as they did, that in the act of recording the image of the subject, the camera was stealing their souls. One can only wonder what they would have made of the answering machine. Please leave a message for Ben if you dare.


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Wanted to leave you a message, but am feeling technically challenged as to how to post it to your site? Here is what it says:
“Ben, Adrianne here…no not here…soul gone… but speaking (hence past speach for those still holiday affected!)….loved speaking to you now (sic) hoped you were all well. Looked forward to having heard about your holidays. xx

You too. And no worries about leaving the message. I’ll return your soul at earliest possible convenience.

I would guess there are still a few celebs in Western countries who feel the camera has stolen their soul, at least their dignity!

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