25 January 1533 – Henry VIII secretly marries his second wife Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII

Survivor: Tudor Wives Edition

Wife #1: Catherine of Aragon

Married: 1509 – 1533
Flaws: Too Catholic. Also, Spanish. But not in a good way.
Outcome: Marriage annulled

 Wife #2: Anne Boleyn

Married: 1533 – 1536
Flaws: Too Protestant. Needy.
Outcome: Accused of incest, adultery and treason. Executed.

Wife #3: Jane Seymour

Married: 1536 – 1537
Flaws: Too prone to dying during childbirth.
Outcome: Died during childbirth.

Wife #4: Anne of Cleves

Married: January 1540 – July 1540
Flaws: Not as attractive as her portrait.
Outcome: Marriage annulled.

Wife #5: Catherine Howard

Married: 1540 – 1542
Flaws: Increasingly reluctant to sleep with an obese, paranoid and pustulating monarch.
Outcome: Accused of adultery and treason. Executed.

Wife #6: Catherine Parr

Married: 1543 – 1547
Flaws: Sneaky ability to outlive the aging king.
Outcome: Outlived the king.

File under: Henry V, Wives I | until death us do part

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